SIES 2018

13th International Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems

June 06 – 08, 2018, Graz, Austria, ICT for a Dependable Internet of Things

2nd Symposium on Dependable Internet of Things

05 June 2018, Graz, Austria

6 June 20187 June 20188 June 2018
09:00Welcome & Opening
09:15Keynote 1Keynote 2Keynote 3
10:15Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break
10:45Session W1Session T1Session F1
13:45Session W/WiP+PosterSession T/WiP+PosterSession F2                      
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16:00Session W2Session T2
18:30Welcome ReceptionSocial Event


Keynote 1: Stefan Potyra (Elektrobit Automotive GmbH, Erlangen, Germany), "Safety-related automotive functions on a secure high-performance platform"

Keynote 2: Georg Niedrist (TTTech Computertechnik AG, Vienna, Austria), "Towards Autonomous Driving in Series Deployment"

Keynote 3: Peter Priller (AVL List GmbH, Graz, Austria), "Top 5 reasons why IoT is key for Smart Mobility, and top 5 reasons why we might fail"

Session W1 - IoT, Smart objects (25 min/presentation)

1. Petar Jokic, Stephane Emery and Luca Benini, "BinaryEye: A 20 kfps Streaming Camera System on FPGA with Real-Time On-Device Image Recognition Using Binary Neural Networks"

2. Thomas Ulz, Thomas Wolfgang Pieber, Christian Steger, Andrea Hoeller, Sarah Haas and Rainer Matischek, "Automated Authentication Credential Derivation for the Secured Configuration of IoT Devices"

3. Alexander Menshchikov and Andrey Somov, "Mixed Reality Glasses: Low-Power IoT System for Digital Augmentation of Video Stream in Visual Recognition Applications"

4. Ohchul Kwon, Wonjae Jang, Giyeon Kim and Chang-Gun Lee, "Accurate Thermal Prediction for NANS (N-AppN-Screen) Services on a Smart Phone"

Session W/WiP (5 min/presentation + poster presentation)

1. Rathinamala Vijay, Harshpal Singh, Prabhakar Venkata Tamma, Vinod Hegde and Pavan Shigehalli, "Air Cargo Monitoring: A Robust Tamper Detection and Reliable Communication System"

2. Georgios Vrettos, Evangelos Logaras and Emmanouil Kalligeros, "Towards standardization of MQTT-alert-based sensor networks: protocol structures formalization and low-end node security"

3. Heather King and Keith Nolan, "Interoperability Between DSRC and LTE for VANETs"

4. Thorsten Schulz, Caspar Gries, Frank Golatowski and Dirk Timmermann, "Strategy for Security Certification of High Assurance Industrial Automation and Control Systems"

5. Kai Beckmann and Jonas Reininger, "Adaptation of the DDS Security Standard for Resource-Constrained Sensor Networks"

Session W2 - Reat time (25 min/presentation)

1. Anais Finzi, Ahlem Mifdaoui, Fabrice Frances and Emmanuel Lochin, "Network Calculus-based Timing Analysis of AFDX networks with Strict Priority and TSN/BLS Shapers"

2. Philipp Jungklass and Mladen Berekovic, "Effects of concurrent accesses to embedded multicore microcontrollers with hard real-time demands"

3. Fabian Mauroner and Marcel Baunach, "EventQueue: An Event based and Priority aware Interprocess communication for Embedded Systems"

4. Boguslaw Jablkowski, Michael Mueller and Olaf Spinczyk, "High Availability in Cyber-physical Systems by Self-determined Virtual Machine Replication"

Session T1 - Scheduling, response time (25 min/presentation)

1. Caroline Brandberg and Marco Di Natale, "A SimEvents Model for the Analysis of Scheduling and Memory Access Delays in Multicores"

2. Tristan Fautrel, Laurent George, Joel Goossens, Damien Masson and Paul Rodriguez, "A Practical Sub-Optimal Solution for the Dual Priority Scheduling Problem"

3. Filip Markovic, Jan Carlson, Radu Dobrin, Björn Lisper and Abhilash Thekkilakattil, "Probabilistic Response Time Analysis for Fixed Preemption Point Selection"

4. Ahmet Batur, Ece Güran Schmidt and Klaus Werner Schmidt, "Computation of Response Time Distributions for Messages on the Controller Area Network"

Session T/WiP (5 min/presentation + poster presentation)

1. Christian Fibich, Stefan Tauner, Peter Rössler, Martin Horauer, Herbert Taucher and Martin Matschnig, "Preliminary Evaluation of High-level Synthesis Tools - Xilinx Vivado and PandA Bambu"

2. Daniel Friesel, Markus Buschhoff and Olaf Spinczyk, "Parameter-Aware Energy Models for Embedded-System Peripherals"

3. Amer Kajmakovic, Robert Zupanc, Simon Mayer, Nermin Kajtazovic, Martin Hoeffernig and Herwig Vogl, "Predictive Fail-Safe: Improving the Safety of Industrial Environments through Model-based Analytics on hidden Data Sources"

4. Andreas Rechberger and Eugen Brenner, "Generalized Execution Time Estimation"

Session T2 - Control, collaborative and distributed computing (25 min/presentation)

1. Qingqiang He, Nan Guan, Mingsong Lu and Wang Yi, "On the Consensus Mechanisms of Blockchain/DLT for Internet of Things" (45min)

2. Manos Koutsoubelias and Spyros Lalis, "Fault-Tolerance Support for Mobile Robotic Applications"

3. Daniele Fontanelli and Luigi Palopoli, "On soft real-time implementation of LQG Controllers"

Session F1 - Special session on mixed-criticality (25 min/presentation)

1. Imanol Mugarza, Jorge Parra and Eduardo Jacob, "Cetratus: Towards a live patching supported runtime for mixed-criticality safe and secure systems"

2. Ala Khalifeh, Dhiah El Diehn I. Abou-Tair, Sahel Alouneh, Roman Obermaisser and Michael Schmidt, "Admission Control and Resources' Allocation for Distributed Services in System-of-Systems: challenges and potential solutions"

3. Saverio Iacovelli, Raimund Kirner and Catherine Menon, "ATMP: An Adaptive Tolerance-based Mixed-criticality Protocol for Multi-core Systems"

4. Mohammed Abuteir, Zaher Owda, Hamidreza Ahmadian and Roman Obermaisser, "Simulation Model and Environment for Mixed-Criticality Networked Multi-Core Chips"

Session F2 - Automotive (25 min/presentation)

1. Max Friese, Thorsten Ehlers and Dirk Nowotka, "Estimating Latencies of Task Sequences in Multi-Core Automotive ECUs"

2. Johannes Schlatow, Mischa Möstl, Sebastian Tobuschat, Tasuku Ishigooka and Rolf Ernst, "Data-Age Analysis and Optimisation for Cause-Effect Chains in Automotive Control Systems"

3. Julian Vetter, Jérémy Fanguède, Kevin Chappuis and Daniel Raho, "VOSYSVirtualNet: Low-latency Inter-world Network Channel for Mixed-Criticality Systems"



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